The Friends of the Mississippi Mills Public Library
Solstice Concert Series presents


June 18, 2pm
Main Room of the Almonte Branch of the
Mississippi Mills Public Library


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The Friends of the Mississippi Mills Public Library are hosting The Solstice Concert Series — a fundraising performance series in the main room of the Almonte Branch. The series is a variety pack of four shows, suitable for all tastes and offering single servings of jazz, folk, chamber, and a kids show. They take place around the summer and winter solstice dates (mid-December and mid-June) as well as the spring and autumnal equinoxes (mid-March and mid-September).

TRiPOD takes the gifts of one family (Beth Tufts, Kathryn Briggs and Terry Tufts) and blends them into one wildly eclectic trio. Kathryn and Terry have made music most of their lives on stages, in recording studios and through teaching. Beth has spent her WHOLE life surrounded by, and making, beautiful music.

Kathryn started piano lessons at the age of 7 and began teaching in her teens. When she met Terry in the late 90s she started to perform and It didn’t take long for her to record her first album of instrumentals “Small Awakenings” produced by Ian Tamblyn.  This led to performances at numerous festivals, projects like arranging and performing on David Francey’s “Carols For A Christmas Eve”, accompanying musicians from across Canada such as Laura Smith, Kelli Trottier and David Francey.

Terry has been performing since the mid 70s across Canada and around the world as an accompanist for artists such as Tom Paxton, Jesse Winchester, Rodney Crowell, Brent Titcomb, Bill Bourne, James Keelaghan, Oliver Schroer, David Francey, George Fox, and The Arrogant Worms to name a few. He has produced 6 solo recording projects and is considered a triple threat performer — an award-winning songwriter, astonishing guitar player and remarkable vocalist.

Beth sang her way through both public and high school.  As she grew, so did her musical horizons. She played some violin, some piano, lots of bass, and lots of guitar and she kept singing. Beth then started to venture out to perform herself – solo and with fiddler Jessica Wedden (Stewart Park Festival, Lombardy Fair) as an opener for Kathleen Edwards (Festival of Small Halls) and for Betty and the Bobs (Almonte’s Folkus Series).

TRiPOD was formed somewhere between Parry Sound and Thunder Bay as the family toured across Canada in 2018.  Their first appearance was in Almonte, Ontario – to celebrate Canada Day.

A TRiPOD performance brings a vastly rich mix of original music & cover tunes to audiences, presented with passion, joy, fun and a whole lot of love.